Senior Unity AR / VR and Games Developer

Filter Fan Cam

AR, Unity, Face Tracking

The Filter Fan Cam is an innovative application developed using Unity and advanced AR face tracking technology, designed specifically for enhancing fan experiences at large sporting events. This engaging app can track up to five faces at once, overlaying them with a wide variety of digital face-paints, 3D models, and dynamic particle effects, all displayed on the big jumbotron screens. It’s more than just an app; it’s a social catalyst that encourages interaction, sharing, and a whole lot of laughter among fans, making every event memorable and entertaining. Whether it’s for group selfies or cheering for your team in a unique way, the Filter Fan Cam is guaranteed to add an extra layer of fun to the game day experience.

Winfinite Mini Games

Unity, WebGL, TypeScript, Node.js and PlayCanvas

The ‘Winfinite’ Client Event Games Saas platform revolutionizes event and marketing campaigns by providing a suite of highly optimized, small-sized 2D and 3D mini-games, delivered through a client-friendly subscription service.

Stereo 3D Hologram

AR/VR, 8thWall, JavaScript, Aframe

A Stereo 3D AR/VR Hologram application targeting the Oculus is at the forefront of remote communication technology, offering a web-based solution for immersive 3D holographic conferencing.

Puzzle Box


The Puzzle Box is an in-game asset created with Unity for an eagerly anticipated game set to launch in late 2024. This virtual puzzle box is not just a decorative item; it’s an integral part of the gameplay, acting as a gateway to new rooms, mysterious environments, and crucial clues that players need to progress. It comes equipped with custom shaders, allowing for a visually stunning experience, and offers multiple combination possibilities to challenge the player. The box is designed with ease of configuration in mind, enabling game developers to set up multiple boxes within the game environment effortlessly, complete with editor tools for fine-tuning. This puzzle box is set to be a cornerstone feature of the game, engaging players with its complexity and seamless integration into the game’s narrative.

Unity Animation Tool


The Animation Tool is a development asset designed within Unity for a highly anticipated game slated for release in late 2024. This tool is tailored to enhance the animation process, providing developers with advanced capabilities for pathing, clip editing, and custom configurations. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive editor tools allow for precise control over animations, currently demonstrated through the lifelike depiction of birds in flight. This feature not only highlights the tool’s capability to produce natural and fluid movements but also sets a new standard for in-game animation realism. Whether for character movement, environmental interactions, or dynamic sequences, this Animation Tool offers unparalleled creativity and efficiency, promising to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Pose with the Pros

Unity, AR, Surface Tracking

An AR application designed to bring fans closer to their sports heroes like never before. Utilizing Unity for AR development, MongoDB for data management, and Node.js for backend services, this app offers a unique interactive experience. Fans can select their favorite player, choose the pose, and step back as the application counts down to capture the moment the pro player virtually steps into the frame for a photo. The intuitive interface and seamless integration of advanced technologies ensure a user-friendly experience, enabling fans to easily share their memorable snapshots via email, text, and social media. This application not only enhances fan engagement but also adds a layer of fun and laughter to the sports experience, making it a must-have for any sports event or gathering.

8thWall CocaCola

8thWall, JavaScript, Aframe

Coca-Cola Dreamworld is an AR experience crafted specifically for a month-long Instagram campaign, leveraging the power of 8thWall and A-Frame to bring innovative product promotion to the digital realm. This immersive tool allows influencers and brand ambassadors to engage with Coke products in a novel way, by integrating them into augmented reality scenarios that capture the imagination of their followers. Users can create and share high-quality video and image captures directly to social media, enhancing interaction and visibility. Designed to bridge the gap between virtual content and real-world product promotion, Coca-Cola Dreamworld elevates the standard for marketing campaigns, offering a unique and interactive way to experience the beloved brand like never before.

The Nixon Outsider

Android Wear, Java

The Nixon Outsider is a custom-designed app package developed for the Nixon watch company, setting a new benchmark in wearable technology for sports enthusiasts. Read more…

The Hundreds

Android Wear, Java

The Hundreds project represents a unique fusion of style and technology, bringing to life four distinct watch faces for Android Wear devices.

Sweetness Demo

Android, Java

The Sweetness Demo project, sponsored by Google and executed in collaboration with B-Reel in NYC, was designed as an educational tool to illuminate best practices in Android development. 

VR Restaurant Tour

VR Unity

An application developed using Unity, designed to enhance the dining experience for visitors and locals in Seattle. This application provides immersive virtual tours of various restaurants, enabling potential patrons to get a firsthand look at the restaurant’s atmosphere, decor, and layout before making a reservation or walking through the door. By offering a virtual glimpse into the dining environment, the app helps users make informed decisions based on their preferences for ambiance and setting. This service not only benefits restaurants by showcasing their unique offerings and attracting more customers but also adds a modern twist to the traditional method of selecting a dining venue, making every meal an adventure waiting to be discovered.

SalesForce TouchWall Widgets

Unity, Node.js

Developed for FishNet in Kansas City, the SalesForce Widgets are a sophisticated tool designed to bring real-time SalesForce data to the fingertips of sales staff and marketers. Utilizing Unity for the frontend and Node.js for backend data handling, these widgets are presented on an expansive multitouch wall, supporting both touch and air gestures for interaction. Users can personalize their experience by selecting from various options, moving widgets across the wall to suit their viewing preferences. This innovative approach not only enhances data accessibility and engagement but also allows for a dynamic and interactive exploration of sales metrics and marketing insights, enabling teams to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Tug Of War

Unity, C#, AR

Tug Of War transforms audience engagement at events with its innovative subscription-based service, enabling organizers to host a virtual tug of war game powered by Unity and integrated with PubNub for real-time interaction. This service allows for full customization, fitting any event theme with options like trucks or various objects as game elements. Attendees become part of the excitement by using their smartphones to join either the RED or BLUE team, exerting their collective force to tug their team’s object across the finish line. The game is displayed on the jumbotron, where fans watch the action unfold and participate by tapping their screens in a coordinated effort. This unique approach not only significantly enhances the event atmosphere but also promotes team spirit and audience participation, making every event a memorable and interactive experience.


Unity, C#

Galileo / Watson represents a groundbreaking educational initiative, leveraging the power of Unity, Blendshapes technology, and IBM Watson’s AI to deliver an immersive learning experience. This project focuses on utilizing an advanced chatbot system integrated with 3D models and lip-syncing features to facilitate interactive language learning and educational engagement. By harnessing IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities, Galileo / Watson offers personalized learning experiences, adapting to the user’s pace and style of learning. This approach not only makes education more accessible and engaging but also introduces a new dimension to digital learning platforms, where the synergy between technology and education fosters a more effective and interactive learning environment.

Laughing Remains

Unity, Timeline, C#

Laughing Remains is a visually captivating music video produced using Unity and Timeline for a local jazz group, designed to transport viewers into a hauntingly beautiful nocturnal forest setting. The video’s narrative unfolds in a dark and mysterious woodland, illuminated only by the flickering flames of a fire around which a band of skeletons play soulful jazz tunes. As the music swells, crows can be seen flying and swooping through the trees, adding an additional layer of movement and intrigue to the scene. This creative and slightly macabre concept perfectly complements the jazz group’s unique sound, offering audiences a memorable visual experience that enhances the emotional depth and artistic expression of the music. The use of Unity and Timeline technologies ensures smooth animation and a seamless blend of elements, making Laughing Remains a standout project that showcases the potential of digital tools in the creation of innovative music videos.


Android, Unity, C#, Java, Node.js

Toggle emerged as an streaming solution, crafted for Android Dongles and marking Walmart’s foray into the competitive streaming device market, in collaboration with Vudu. 

GE Nucleus

Unity, Node.js

GE’s Nucleus™ energy manager, equipped with Brillion™ technology, marks a significant leap forward in home energy management. This affordable and innovative device, developed using Unity for its user interface and Node.js for backend data processing, offers homeowners secure access to detailed information about their household’s electricity consumption and estimated costs. The Nucleus™ aims to demystify energy usage, presenting data in a user-friendly format that encourages more informed and efficient decision-making regarding power consumption. This tool not only aids in reducing monthly energy bills but also plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability by empowering consumers to understand and adjust their energy usage patterns. GE Nucleus™ stands as a testament to the potential of combining advanced technology with environmental stewardship to create practical solutions for everyday life.

KMBC TV Kansas

Developed specifically for KMBC TV in Kansas, this custom application built on the Unity platform with a Node.js backend, seamlessly integrates four distinct components: text chat, video chat, social media feed screening, and live data push capabilities to on-air anchors. This multifaceted tool allows simultaneous interaction among four different users on various devices, enhancing the way information is shared and displayed both on-air and online. Its cross-platform functionality ensures broad accessibility, while the extensive backend architecture supports the complex data management required for real-time broadcasting. This application not only streamlines the workflow for KMBC’s production team but also enriches the viewing experience for the audience, making it a pivotal development in modern broadcasting.


Unity, Node.js

The Audio Mixer is an interactive application developed in Unity and supplemented by Node.js, designed for music enthusiasts to experiment with sound mixing in a user-friendly environment. Users can select a track or upload a zip file containing split tracks (subject to compatibility) to start their mixing journey. The application offers a range of filters and effects to craft a unique sound, from subtle adjustments to transformative alterations. Once satisfied, users can share their mixed tracks directly to social media, engaging with a community of fellow music lovers. The mixer’s interface can be completely styled to match the admin’s preferences, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive user experience. Whether for amateur DJs or music producers looking to play with sound on the go, this Audio Mixer offers the perfect platform to unleash creativity.

Filter Fan Cam AR

A Unity-powered AR face tracking app that brings fun and laughter to large sporting events, featuring face-paints, models, and particle effects for up to 5 faces simultaneously.

SaaS Client Event Games

A subscription-based service offering customizable 2D and 3D mini-games for event and marketing campaigns, featuring beautiful design, optimization, and leaderboards for engaging and fun experiences.

Stereo 3D AR/VR Hologram

A web-based application for 3D holographic conferencing in real-time, leveraging WebRTC for streaming, tailored for the Oculus platform.

3D Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering

Expert architectural and furniture design with lifelike rendering and lighting, using Blender, Sketchup, and Unity.

Pose with the Pros AR

An engaging AR application that lets fans take photos with their favorite professional players, featuring customizable poses and seamless sharing options, powered by Unity, MongoDB, and Node.js.

Puzzle Box

A Unity-developed intricate puzzle box, serving as the key to unlocking rooms, environments, and clues in an upcoming 2024 game, featuring custom shaders and easy configuration.

Animation Tool

A Unity-based animation tool for an upcoming 2024 game, enabling detailed pathing, clip editing, and configurations, with a showcase of birds in flight.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld AR

An AR-driven Instagram campaign tool using 8thWall and A-Frame, enabling influencers to promote Coke products with captivating video and image captures for social media sharing.

The Nixon Outsider Wear

A bespoke Android and Android Wear app for Nixon watches, integrating live surf and ski data, complemented by a mobile app for personalized location tracking and updates.

The Hundreds Wear

A collaboration with B-Reel and Google to create four unique Android Wear watch faces, featuring custom design, animation, and API integration, crafted by a dedicated team.

Sweetness Demo

A Google-sponsored Android development showcase, crafted in partnership with B-Reel NYC, to educate emerging coders on best practices through a hands-on, interactive experience..

Tug of War

An engaging subscription-based service for event organizers, offering a Unity-powered tug of war game where audience participation via smartphones decides the outcome.

VR Restaurant Tour

VR Restaurant Tours: A Unity-based application offering virtual tours of Seattle restaurants, allowing patrons to explore the ambiance and surroundings before stepping inside.

Salesforce Widgets

Custom widgets developed with Unity and Node.js for FishNet in Kansas City, displaying real-time SalesForce data on a large multitouch wall, enhancing interaction through touch and air gestures.

MulitouchAudio Mixer

A multitouch, Unity-based audio mixer allowing users to mix tracks, apply filters, and share their creations on social media, fully customizable for a unique mixing experience.

GitHub Public Repos

A diverse collection of public repositories featuring projects in C#, C++, JavaScript, and more, showcasing a wide range of programming skills and contributions..


A streaming application for Android Dongles, developed with Unity and Node.js for Walmart and Vudu, designed as Walmart’s competitive answer to Google Chromecast.

Galileo - Watson

A pioneering educational project combining Unity, Blendshapes, and IBM Watson to create an interactive chatbot with 3D models and lip-syncing capabilities, enhancing language learning.

Laughing Remains

A Unity and Timeline-powered music video for a local jazz group, featuring a dark, eerie forest scene with skeletons playing music around a fire and crows flying overhead.


A highly customized Unity and Node.js application for KMBC TV, enabling cross-platform text and video chat, social media integration, and live data feed management for on-air anchors and audiences.

GE Nucleus

An innovative Unity and Node.js powered energy management device from GE, using Brillion™ technology to provide secure, real-time data on household electricity use and costs, empowering consumers with knowledge to make energy-efficient decisions.